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Top 8 Best Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

by 7figure dropshipping 09 Feb 2024

Baby showers are a lovely time to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby. It’s also a wondrous time to give thoughtful and delicate eco-friendly newborn baby gift sets to a mom who is ecstatic to have a new child!

We understand that selecting the right baby shower gift can be slightly stressful because you want to find the best sustainable gifts for your beloved sister, friend, cousin, sister-in-the-law, or whoever is incredibly happy to become a mother or have a new bundle of joy!

To help you find the best environmentally friendly baby shower gift, we’ve come up with eight lovely eco-friendly gift ideas you can consider!

1. Babysoy Star Zipper Footie Gift Set

Babysoy Star Zipper Footie Gift SetBabysoy Star Zipper Footie Gift Set

Babysoy Star Zipper Footie Gift Set is an irresistibly adoring set that includes a zipper footie, matching beanie, and bib, and they are all made from luxuriously soft and comfy azlon from soy and organic cotton fabric. The azlon from soy is a recycled product from soy milk production and has porous structure to keep wearer warm and dry. The bibs are made of 50% organic cotton and 50% Azlon from soy. The materials are of the highest quality to produce impeccable comfort

Combining comfort, functionality, and design, the footie incorporates a modern baby color palette with timeless star patterns printed using water based ink. The footie also uses YKK Zipper for easy changing. The outfit is tagless to deliver exceptional comfort for the baby or infant.

Babysoy Star Zipper Footie Gift Set is a fabulous baby shower gift because it’s a must-have for every baby’s wardrobe. The one-piece footie can be worn for snack time, nap, and all the time! The footie also comes with built-in reversible mittens on each sleeve to cover-up tiny hands and nails from baby's soft skin. Cute!

2. Cribs and Crib Mattresses

Baby Crib

Every parent needs a crib for their newborn baby so you can’t go wrong with purchasing a crib as an eco-friendly baby shower gift! IKEA carries a wide variety of affordable, space-friendly, and sturdy cribs that are manufactured from sustainable materials for you to choose from. For example, IKEA carries SNIGLAR which is only 27.5" by 52", perfect size for an average room. The crib is made of solid beech, which is a durable and renewable natural material that’s beneficial to the baby and the planet!

To go along with a baby crib, you can purchase a crib mattress. IKEA also carries a variety of crib mattresses for you to choose from. The baby crib mattresses fulfill vigorous safety standards to keep the baby comfortable and safe. For example, the Pelleplutt is made from safe, sustainable materials. The crib mattress is free from harmful chemicals and tested according to strict safety requirements.

3. Alphabet Baby Gown/Footie/Onesie Value Set

Alphabet Baby Gown

Alphabet Baby Gown, Footie & Onesie Value Set is a lovely, versatile baby gift value pack that includes all essential must have pieces for babies and infants, including a bodysuit, gown, and footie. Modern alphabet prints give parents A-Z reasons to outfit babies in a luxury of softness and show off your impeccable sense of style. Perfect for baby showers, birthday gifts, and more.

Similar to our other baby shower gift packs, the Alphabet Baby Gown/Footie/Onesie Value Set is made from 50% organic cotton and 50% rayon from bamboo. The rayon from bamboo is a sustainable textile fiber made from one of the most renewable natural resources on the planet. The fabric is incredibly soft, very lightweight yet very warm! Combining rayon from bamboo and organic cotton gives this baby gift sets the finest comfy touch.

To further deliver impeccable comfort, the baby gown, baby footie and baby onesie are all tagless. This essential set will get tons of wear through baby's nap time, playtime, and anytime!

4. Eco-Friendly Baby Set

Eco-Friendly Baby Set

Keeping a newborn baby’s skin smooth, peachy, and impeccable is an essential task for a mom. To help a mom maintain her baby’s skin beautiful and delightful, a mom can use Earth Mama's A Little Something For Baby Set. This is a 5-piece, cruelty-free travel-size set. The eco-packaging is produced using recycled cardboard that doesn’t contain any no bleach, dyes or glue. In addition, the eco-packaging is 100% recyclable.

The five items included in this environmentally friendly gift includes:

Organic Diaper Balm (1 fl. Oz.): This diaper cream is gentle and effective. The cream has been tested by dermatologists and clinically tested for irritation. Moreover, the diaper cream doesn’t contain petroleum, parabens or artificial fragrance. To use it, simply apply a thin coat to the diaper area after each change and bath.

Sweet Orange Baby Lotion (2 fl. oz.): Earth Mama’s smooth and moisturizing blend of gentle ingredients comforts and soothes sensitive, delicate skin. The lotion was the very first US personal care product certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients. The lotion contains organic herbs and oils to moisturize babies of all ages — from top to bottom, and from cheek to shining cheek.

Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash (1.67 fl. oz.): Gentle castile-based vanilla, sweet orange and calendula liquid soap makes bath time even sweeter. This baby wash doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance, triclosan, phthalates, parabens or sulfates!

Calendula Baby Oil (1 fl. oz.): Infant massage is fantastic for strengthening the bond between a mother and a baby! Using this comforting, cruelty-free Calendula Baby Oil, a mother can further add silky softness to their loving, gentle touch! Calendula-infused grape seed baby oil blend moisturizes dry skin and scalp, with virtually no scent and without artificial fragrance or nut oils.

Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm (0.5 fl. oz.): Babies and toddlers have to battle drooly chins, dry cheeks and runny red noses, not to mention grumpy skin from colds and teething. Cruelty-free Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm can address these problems by acting as a comforting, soothing, and organic alternative to petroleum jelly. This organic ultra-rich calendula coconut balm is especially good for slathering around the baby's mouth. The balm doesn’t contain any petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance or preservatives.

5. Keekaroo Height Right High Chair With Tray

High Chair

Another lovely baby shower gift you can give to a mom and a baby is a high chair. A high chair is an essential household item for a newborn baby, making a high chair a practical and useful baby shower gift!

Keekaroo has a variety of high chairs as well as kids chairs, boosters, and diaper pads. Height Right™ High Chair + Tray in particular is a fantastic sustainable gift because the chair has a myriad of convenience and safety features including:

  • BPA Free plastic crotch restraint helps prevent scooting out
  • 3 point safety belt
  • 100% polyester fiber cloth cushion

In addition, this Keekaroo High Chair is made with a plant based lacquer finish!

6. BPA-Free Baby Bottles

BPA-Free Baby Bottles

A baby bottle is a must-have item for a mom and a baby. A baby bottle helps a baby transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Babybrezza offers a wide range of baby bottle products, including baby bottles, transition cups, and sets.

We find a the Natural Baby Bottles 5 oz, 3 Pack a terrific baby shower gift because of the following benefits:

  • Easy to clean. The bottle only has 2 parts and incorporates ultra-wide design. You don’t need a brush to clean the bottle.
  • Wide and shaped like a nipple. This design makes it easy for a baby to transition between a breast and a bottle.
  • Truflo anti-colic system. The bottle has a built-in system that ensures that a baby swallows milk and not air.
  • BPA-free.

7. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Keeping an eye on a newborn baby’s movement is important because a baby may sleep in an odd position or bump his or her against the crib which could harm the baby. This makes monitoring a baby particularly imperative for parents. To keep an eye on the baby, parents can use a baby monitor. A baby monitor is essentially a surveillance camera that captures a baby’s movement. A baby monitor makes an excellent baby shower gift because it helps parents keep their babies safe and sound.

A popular baby monitor is Google Nest. While Google Nest Typically an all-around home protection device, a parent can use it to watch live streams of their baby from their smartphone and even rewind to view photos or videos that occurred several hours ago. Google Nest can also sense motion and sound and send a phone alert or an email when unfamiliar motion is detected.

8. Gift Card

Gift Card

If you absolutely have no idea on what to get as a baby shower gift for a mom, you can purchase a gift card. You can buy a gift card for a local bakery, restaurant, fashion store, or anything that you know the mom or dad would enjoy! At Babysoy, we offer digital gift cards that you can send to your friend or relative and she can select an adorable and delicate baby shower gift herself!

A baby shower is a beautiful and lovely time to celebrate the birth of a newborn. It’s also an enchanting time to celebrate the birth of a child with your beloved sister, friend, relative, or anyone you deeply care about. To celebrate the blessing, giving a useful and meaningful eco-friendly baby shower gift adds tremendous joy to the celebration. Gifts such as a BPA-free baby bottle or Baby Gown, Footie & Onesie sets are all adorable and useful gifts that a mother would definitely appreciate and enjoy. We hope this helps! If you have a favorite sustainable gift of your own, leave it in the comments below.

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